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  1. Acid slurry is a sulphonation product made by sulphonation of linear alkyl benzene by oleum or so3 or sulphuric acid . It is used in manufacturing of vaious detergents.

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) – Soft Acid Slurry is main Raw Material for Synthetic Detergent industries in the formulation of Washing Powder, Detergent Powder, Detergent Cake, Liquid Soap, Cleaning Powder, Scouring Bar, Oil Soaps etc.
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It is used in Anionic specialty formulations.
In other Industries like textile industries it is used as mercerising or washing agent.
It is used for increasing the surface area of distempers.
The acid slurry is neutralized in the preparation of liquid detergentys by a slow addition of caustic soda solution till it is neutralized.

Advantages of Acid Slurry

Cost effective, anionic surfactant.
Acid slurry is Biodegradable.
Due to its stable foam, suitable for detergent applications in combination with other surfactants.
Compatible with enzymes and builders.
Outstanding performance with other anionic surfactants due to its synergistic effect.
Consumes less alkali for neutralisation.
Acid slurry is suitable for liquid detergent application.

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