Why Should I Pay GST ?

I dont buy chemicals for business purposes.

I dont need GST bill and dont have GST Account also.

Then why should I pay GST ?

Cant you send without GST ?

If these are your questions… well…

We buy all chemicals by paying GST and when we sell we have to include them in the cost. Either we should give the cost including GST or excluding GST and here we have given excluding and have calculated the total price at the end.

All products that you buy in everyday life including a small pencil or a note book has GST but hidden in the cost. Even the ASK Jhansi Homecare Products that we sell include GST in its price. But what we do is, we dont show it separately but include in the cost.

Similarly, here for chemicals, formerly we have given including GST, but now to allow business people to get GST credit for their sales, we have broken the cost into base rate and GST separately. So, if you want to take input tax credit for your GST Account, you can enter your account name and GST number in the checkout page and we will bill accordingly.

Please note, cost will not increase because of GST. For Example, in our old system, the chemical price would have been Rs.118. But here we have given as Rs.100 + 18% GST. So, there is no increase in price because of GST. And certain chemicals like salt dont have GST and so we do not calculate GST for them.

So we cannot send chemicals without GST whether you need bill or not. Also please note, we have included repacking charges also for 1 kg and 5 kg chemicals in the price itself and if you buy chemicals for business purposes, better buy in bigger units to avoid repacking charges.