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A Poor Women And Her Intelligence

Once there lived a poor woman and she is considered to be the bread winner of her family. One fine day she had a letter from the king stating that the king and queen will visit her in her home tomorrow. The poor woman was worried since her house wasn’t much beautiful and clean for the king and queen to look at. She just had Rs.20 on that particular day and she was thinking what she would do with this small amount to make her home look clean and beautiful.

Pondering for a long time with her single twenty rupee note she walked and walked ,suddenly she saw a poster in a home which implied ”ASK JHANSI HOME CARE PRODUCTS”. She went there with a guilt and asked whether she could buy any product for Rs.20 to make her home look clean and beautiful .The dealer of ASK JHANSI said yes and gave a 100ml ASK JHANSI MULTI CLEANER .The poor woman was happy all her way and went home cleaning her doors ,walls,tiles,windows etc.

The next morning the king and the queen arrived at her home and they were awestruck to see the poor woman’s house. The woman ‘s house glittered like a gold and the windows reflected like a mirror. The king and queen forgot for what they came for and asked the secret of her cleaning product .She said she used just 100ml pack of ASK JHANSI MULTI CLEANER and cleaned her small house.

The king and the queen left her house thanking her for the secret and went in search of ASK JHANSI HOME CARE PRODUCTS. They found the poster and asked the dealer to give all the products of ASK JHANSI so that they could also make their palace glitter like a gold and now the dealer was so happy that her products reached the king’s palace and over a period of time the fame for ASK JHANSI HOME CARE PRODUCTS increased and all the dealers reached great heights and felt happy like a bird flying in the sky.

18 thoughts on “A Poor Women And Her Intelligence

  1. Heyyy…..❤️?Awesome story paa✌️???

  2. Woow amazing and mazic.ask jhansi multi cleaner

  3. ஆஸ்க் ஜான்ஸியே ஒரு குயின்ஸ்லேண்ட் க(ண்ட்ரி)ம்பெனி யிலிருந்து வந்ததுதானே…..!!

  4. Nice story sis.. neatly explained.. superb…

  5. Omg!!!
    Wat a story!!!!!!
    How can you think like this!!! Great!!!!

  6. உலகத்தில் கிரிடம் சூடி வளம் வருவது நமது Ask ஜான்சி Product ஒவ்வொறு கிளினின் பொருளுக்கு ஒரு கம்பெனி உ.தா. வீம்,ை லைசால்ஆனால் இப்போது ஒரு வீட்டுக்கு தேவையான அனைத்து கிளினிங் gelலும் ஒரு குடையின் கீழ் உங்களை தேடி வருவது நம்மா Ask ஜான்சி Product துரதில் சிறந்தது விலையோ குறைவு ஒருமுறை வாங்கினால் என்றும்ங்கள் இடத்தில் நீங்காத இடம்பிடித்து கிரிடம் சூடி வளம் வரும் Ask ஜான்சி Home Care Product.

  7. Not only glitter palace in future every body house glitter ask jhansi product

  8. Very nice story

  9. Nice story multi clear really superb product.

  10. Creative story, hats off my dear lady….

  11. Nice story milticleaner is a
    good product

  12. Wooow super story pa …..👏👏👏👏👑A👑S👑K👑 Jhansi Homecare products …. all cleaning products superrrrrrrrr…….👍👍👍

  13. Ask Jhansi Home care products are not only home care, but they are Home Clean Products also.

  14. Superb story… Amazing!!!!!

  15. வாவ் !!!!! அருமை அருமை.

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