About Us

We belong to a reputed business family in Erode with experience in business industry for more than a century. Our ancestral business being turmeric and leather tanning, we plunged into wide variety of other fields like rice business, masala business, web designing and chemical industry. AOK Tannery was started by our grandfather in 1945 and our area AOK Nagar where our chemical company is located is named after that. We are third generation of AOK family.

Our ASK Jhansi channel is very popular in  YouTube world with more than one million subscribers with our four channels. Our Chanakiyan channel was started in 2016 which worked to promote business opportunities. After getting good name and fame in YouTube, we arranged for subscribers meet on 25 March 2018 in VOC Park, Erode in which around 300 people gathered. As per their request, we entered into chemical industry on 5th April and started to distribute chemicals retail and wholesale.

On 6th May 2018 we arranged for a subscribers meet at Semmozhi Poonga Chennai where more than 800 people gathered. That marked the idea of manufacturing homecare products. Our subscribers expressed their wish to join our team and distribute the products we manufacture. Initially we decided to start retail outlets all over Tamil Nadu. But since that was not practically productive, our team members got converted into dealers.

We launched varieties of cleaning products on 1st August 2018 under ASK Jhansi branding like Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Multi Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Fabric Wash Bio, Fabric Wash Acto, Bubble Matic Washing Powder, Bio Matic Washing Powder, Dishwash Gel, Scented Phenyl, Citro Phenyl and Stiff N Shine. With a beautiful chain of network and with fantastic quality products we are very successful in short time.

Initially we had a simple online ordering system and now we have moved to an e-commerce platform. Now we have more than 30 people working in our company and have a sophisticated infrastructure at the heart of Erode. At present we have covered only one third of Tamil Nadu through our dealers. Other places we are selling online directly which we have planned to change hands to dealers when they sign up. If you wish to join our team, you can become our dealer by filling up dealership application.

We are very confident about our prosperous future as our products quality is matchless for its price.