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What are the risks in dealer ship  



How can a house wife start a dealer ship without any help from others?

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First of All, Dealership is not for those who want to stay at home and do business. You need to go out for product delivery and shop supply.

Regarding the risks of dealership, we give approx. 25,000 rupees worth of goods as a package initially, which contains 10 pieces of each product.

Every family would need an average of 1000 rupees worth of them every month.

In case you cannot sell them, if 25 families divide that product among yourself, stock will be over.

Or 12 families may exhaust them in 2 months... or 6 families may complete them in 4 months.

In any way, there is no reason for losing money. 

And for deposit also, it is refundable. We have set some rules. They are only meant to select the right person and no one will lose deposit under any circumstances. We always refund as and when needed. 

But dealership is not suitable for those who do not have marketing skills and who are not ready to work hard.


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