How To Become ASK Jhansi Dealer

Thank you for your interest in ASK Jhansi Dealership. Becoming a dealer is a very simple process. Just read all the norms given below and fill up the dealership application. The link for the application is given at the end of this page. Those who join as dealers have a bright future as at present our product advertisements are continuously telecasted in television.

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ASK Jhansi Homecare Products are manufactured by Queensland International which is located at Erode. Our company was started in 2018 is functioning successfully with 30 staffs and at present we have covered all over Tamil Nadu through more than 100+ dealers. We are proud to announce that we have received 2019 SYPA award for Successful Entrepreneur. We are marketing our products through our main social media YouTube in which we have more than one million subscribers. Also, we have also stepped into television advertisements and have wide range of marketing tactics including banners, pamphlets and affiliate marketing.

We have wide range of homecare products and the list of products and their sizes can be seen in our website shop page. Dealer allocation is based on pincodes. That means pincodes allotted to one dealer will not be given to another one. Now we have a sophisticated system with our ASK Jhansi Store android app and login for each dealer. When customers order products through our system, it will be shown to the dealer of that concerned pincode and they should pick that order and supply. Along with this, the dealer is responsible for marketing in the shops of their pincode areas. If you want to see the list of existing dealers CLICK HERE.

Norms For Joining Dealership

  1. Dealership is allotted based on pincode for an area of 10-15 km radius and to apply for dealership you must have permanent address in that area. Those who might get transfers, please do not apply.
  2. Dealers will get a margin of up to 25% including backend incentive. This backend incentive is based on volume of purchase. However the MRP of our products is kept higher to give enough margin for shop keepers and retailers who also come under dealers.
  3. All dealers will be given a code number and we have separate mobile number for dealers to contact and all correspondence is done with your code number only.
  4. We have ASK Jhansi Store  android app which has e-commerce style of website and all dealers will be given special dealer login in that app, and all orders to the company should placed through that app only.
  5. You must have at least a two wheeler to supply the goods and you must have installed Whatsapp and Telegram app for communication. All updates are sent through Telegram only and all order related queries are communicated through whatsapp.
  6. To become a dealer, you have to fill a form and once the dealership is approved, you have to pay Rs.35,000 to the company in which Rs.5,000 is  deposit and approximately Rs.22,000 is for product kit. Remaining amount will be added to your funds which should be used for your future purchases. Your funds value will be shown in your dealer login.
  7. When you leave dealership, you have to buy products for 5000 rupees deposit. We will not give deposit or funds as money.
  8. Products will be sent through regular lorry service only and you have to pickup at your end. We have included Transport Allowance in our pricing. We will deduct that in total bill during purchase and you will have to pay that charge at your end.
  9. You do not need GST initially. However, in future when your turnover increase you might want to register for that.
  10. Expiry date of the products is 2 years and the products once sold will not be taken back at any circumstance.

Rules for Dealers

  1. Dealers should not deal with chemicals and should not manufacture and sell their own brand of  laundry care and personal care products like soap, washing items and shampoo and should not take dealership for competitors brand of same products.
  2. Dealers should make a purchase value of minimum Rs.5,000 every month . The more you purchase more backend incentive you will get. If you do not make any purchase for two months continuously, you must inform the reason to our company. Otherwise, your dealership will get cancelled.
  3. We will give a pricing chart after you join as dealer. You must follow that for supplying to retailers and shop keepers.
  4. For online orders of your allotted pincodes, you must give free door delivery within 5 days. You must not collect more than the price mentioned in the order invoice.
  5. You must check Telegram messages everyday and respond to that when needed. Company policies and proceedings are updated through Telegram app. If you do not have that app, please download from playstore.
  6. You must have enough stock of all products in hand and you must be ready to restock in advance before stock runs out.
  7. You must not gossip about company policies with co-dealers must be ready to abide by future policy changes which will only be for the overall benefits.

How To Leave From Dealership

  1. If you want to leave dealership, you must inform 60 days before so that it will be easier for us to appoint a new dealer.
  2. You have to buy products for the deposit money when you leave. If you leave dealership after one year of joining then you can buy products for an extra value of Rs. 500.
  3. When you leave from dealership, you should not leak out company secrets to anyone and should not do anything that will cause disgrace to the company.
  4. If you fail to follow all the above rules mentioned in this page, you will lose your deposit money.

Dealership Application Form >>>


How To Become ASK Jhansi Retailer

As per our new policy, there is nothing like Retailer and no hard and fast rules for retailers. However, anyone can buy and sell goods at wholesale price. The pricing is based on volume of your purchase. You can click here to order products at wholesale price.

Kind Attention: Shop Keepers

Shop keepers may buy products at wholesale price mentioned here. For offline orders, please do contact the phone numbers given below in this page. They will arrange for your area dealer to visit you in person.