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Mira ,a basket ball player is practicing for her match which is gonna happen in 2 days . She considers her white Tshirt to be a symbol of luck and victory and wears it whenever she practices.The day before the match when she was practicing,she fell down due to illness and her Tshirt had all become filthy . أعمال في المنزل تجلب المال After some time she was alright and gained her strength to play but when she looked at her Tshirt she felt bad that she couldn’t wear it since it became the worst of ever and had all the signs of dirt and became dull. She thought she cannot wear her symbol of luck Tshirt for her match tomorrow. She went home crying all her way and slept . بديل روليت

Her mother who looked at the Tshirt even felt bad that it ‘ll look dull even though she washes it .When Mira ‘s father came home , he had a ASK JHANSI FABRIC WASH :BIO in his hand ,he kept it aside and he went to bed for his sleep . تطبيق الماتش Mira ‘s mother saw this and she thought of using this to wash her daughter ‘s Tshirt having the same thought that the dirt stains would not vanish.she just added a few drops of the new product ‘ASK JHANSI FABRIC WASH :BIO’ and washed the Tshirt.She was awestruck when she washed it since all the dirt stains got removed and it looked as if she bought a new Tshirt.The next morning Mira woke up and when she looked at the white Tshirt ,she was surprised and much happier and thanked her mom .Her mom said it wasn’t her magic but it was the magic of ‘ASK JHANSI FABRIC WASH:BIO’.Now Mira felt ecstatic and thus, wearing her symbol of luck Tshirt,she won the match with great pride.


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  14. Bio ஏழைகளின் சிறந்தது தண்ணீர் குறைவாகத்தான் செலவு ஆகும். துணியை தண்ணீரில் நனைத்து வீட்டு தண்ணி 10 குடம் தண்ணி குழாயில் பிடித்து வந்து பார்த்தால் துணியை துவைக்காமல் அழசிேநேன். மிகவும் நன்றாக இருந்தது. மேலும் இப்போது MAGic ஒரு அலசல் தேவை இல்லை தனியா ஒரு செலவும் இல்லை.

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